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GGSPro 5th Edition Reference Guide

GGSPro 5th Edition Spanish Reference Guide - English Audio

GGSPro 5th Edition Spanish Reference Guide - Spanish Audio

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Aphid Control & Resistance

Budworm Control

Calcium Deficiency

Checking Injector Output and Fertilizer Mixing Accuracy

Edema and Intumescence

Extending Shelf Life and Marketability of Spring Plants

Griffin BCA Program Services

Griffin Predatory Mite Technology

Hortus IBA Salts Overview

Interpreting a Water Test


Magnesium Deficiency

Mealybug Control

Microbial Insecticides - Making the Most of Them

Thrips Parvispinus Karny aka Pepper Thrips

Water Alkalinity and Soil pH

Video Library

New Greenhouse and Nursery Fungicides

Average Daily Temperature Impact on Pest Pressure

Aphid Control With Insecticides

Biological Control of Thrips
for Hanging Baskets

Biostimulants Part 1 - Microbes

Biostimulants Part 2 - Silicon and Phosphite

Biostimulants Part 3 - Humates and Chitosan

Biostimulants Part 4 - Protein Hydrolysates

Biostimulants Part 5 - Plants Algae and Extracts

Biostimulants Part 6.3 Reducing Fertilizer Use

Botrytis Control and Prevention

Botrytis Resistance Best Practices
Including Calcium

Chemical Compatibility with Thrips BCAs

Controlling Height with PGRS for Poinsettia

Controlling Pests in Retail Greenhouses
Part 1 - Common Foliar Diseases

Controlling Pests in Retail Greenhouses
Part 2 - Aphids, Mealybugs, Whiteflies

Controlling Pests in Retail Greenhouses
Part 3 - Fungus gnats, Shoreflies, Thrips

Controlling Pests in Retail Greenhouses
Part 4 - Mites and Slugs

Cultural Strategies for Manipulating Plant Growth

Eco Clean for Irrigation Line Maintenance

End of Season Sanitation

ePAR A New Definifion
of Photosynthetic Light

Fertilizer, Plant Stretch and the Myths Surrounding Phosphorus

Flea Beetle Overview and Prevention

Florel Maximizing Effectivness

Fungicide Selection Covering the Bases

Garden Mums and Heat Effects

Garden Mums and Weed Control

Garden Mum Crown Budding
and Effective Use of Florel

Garden Mum Nutrition Strategy

Garden Mums Finish Strong!

Garden Mum PGR Options

Garden Mum Pests Beyond the Routine

Garden Mums Pushing back on Pythium

Graphical Tracking for Poinsettias

Horticultural Oils Worth Another Look

Identifying, Preventing, and Correcting
Iron Deficiency for Mums

Insect and Mite Pest ID Refresher

Integrating BCAs for Poinsettias

Iron Deficiency Spring Crops

Microbial Insecticides - Making the Most of Them

Midseason Sanitation

Mum Field Maintenance for Drip Lines

Plan Ahead for Impatiens Downy Mildew

An Overview of Plant Dips

Poinsettias - Avoiding Late Season Problems

Poinsettias - Insecticide Based
Whitefly Control

Powdery Mildew

Pythium Resistance Best Practices

Raising and Lowering Soil pH

Reducing Fertilizer Use
- Micronutrients In Focus

Rhizophagy - A New Understanding

Summer Weeds ID and Prevention

The Three M's of Poinsettias

Tips for Identifying and Solving
Plant Problems Virtually

Western Flower Thrips Control on
Greenhouse Ornamentals Insecticides

Western Flower Thrips Control
- Vegetable Transplants

Winter Weeds

Wonderful World of Silicon in Hort

Xanthomonas, Bacterial Blight of Geranium