From the Outside In: Easy Methods for Controlling Cross-Contamination

Acknowledging that you and your employees are vectors for contaminates is the first step in developing a sound sanitation program. Entry points should have a mitigating element to cut back on cross-contamination, whether footbath, BioMat paired with SaniDate 5.0, or a clean room where shoes can be switched out and PPE can be provided.

Ultimately, sanitation protocols should go beyond the confinement of your growing structure. There are various cross-contamination control points on your property that can be managed with minimal upkeep and provide maximum protection.
Unwanted vegetation hosts insect pests, viruses, and plant pathogens that can travel easily over great distances without human interference. Eradicating weeds in walkways, against structures, and within property lines will reduce the risk of employees bringing contaminates inside and make entryway protocols more effective.  

AXXE® Broad Spectrum Herbicide burns down weeds on contact and is labeled to control
insect* pests such as aphids, thrips, mites, whiteflies, and more. Utilizing this 2-in-1 product is
an easy way to mitigate cross-contamination of insect pests and the plant diseases they carry. AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is OMRI-Listed, made in the USA, and is a top choice for growers that want sustainable, reduced-risk, broadleaf weed, grass, and liverwort control.

Being mindful of dumpster proximity to your growing space is also important. Disease can spread from disposed product to any available vector by weather conditions and wildlife. Sanitizing trash receptacles reduces disease inoculum and for odor control. SaniDate® 5.0, cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant, can be sprayed or foamed to treat dumpsters and trash bins, just be sure to remove seen and unseen organic matter beforehand to ensure maximum efficacy.

Ensuring air exchange systems are free of organic matter, such as weed seeds and dead leaves, controls cross-contamination using minimal labor. Utilizing HEPA-grade filters prevents spoilage decay organisms from entering your facility and mesh screens help prevent the invasion of insect pests. The cleanliness of your air intake also effects efficiency and reduces energy consumption, so make sure you’re scheduling routine maintenance.

Implementing these control steps into your integrated sanitation program will improve crop health and yield. BioSafe Systems is your partner in sustainable food production with accessible service, technical support, and clean chemistries for all stages of production.

clean chemistries for all stages of production.

BioMat for ZeroTol® 2.0 or SaniDate® 5.0 Solution – Item No. 71-3500
AXXE® Broad Spectrum Herbicide – Item No. 72-1050
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*application not applicable for the great state of California.