IPM Month


What is IPM Month?
The Department of Pesticide Regulation is working with partners across the state of California to accelerate a transition to safer, more sustainable pest management. DPR is kick starting IPM Month this year to foster greater awareness and adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools for sustainable pest management in agricultural and urban settings. IPM is any approach that uses the least toxic, effective method to solve pest problems, including using natural predators to manage pests, hand-pulling weeds, and using traps or baits to address pest issues.

DPR will share content on social media every day through the month of February to answer the question #WhatIsIPM and provide information about how people can practice IPM every day. Below are tools to help amplify and engage in this conversation. We look forward to continuing the conversation on social media this month!

How to Participate during IPM Month?

  • Tag @CAPesticides on Twitter or Facebook
  • Include #WhatisIPM hashtag so that we can start conversations and amplify posts across social media accounts
  • Share graphics DPR developed for download – created just for our partners
  • Additional materials such as videos on IPM can be found on DPR’s YouTube account and fact sheets on IPM at schools and childcare centers can be found on DPR’s website

Share Content and Engage with Your Followers
Ideas for sharing content during IPM Month:
  • Use the content DPR created for you, include the #WhatisIPM hashtag and post!
  • Retweet or reshare the content DPR is posting on Twitter or Facebook
  • Share your own content with the #WhatisIPM hashtag to tell stories, post photos or talk about best practices for using IPM in urban settings, inside your home, landscaping projects, or in agricultural fields. DPR will retweet and share content you send out!

Contact DPR’s Assistant Director of Communications and Outreach Leia Bailey with questions. Thanks for being a part of IPM Month!

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