Solo #425 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Piston Pump

Vendor: SOLO INC
Item #41-3130

*Easily and effectively handles liquid disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and formulations for tree, shrub and plant protection.
*High-performance piston pump for increased pressure capabilities of up to 90 psi.
*Extra-large tank openings for easier filling and cleaning.
*28" unbreakable wand and shut-off valve for excellent reach.
*Commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature to minimize user fatigue.
*Viton seals in key locations ensure long service and durability.
*Interchangeable pump handle for left or right-hand operation.
*48" nylon-reinforced high-pressure hose for extended reach.
*Double filtration system: filter basket and nozzle filter.
*Four-nozzle assortment: adjustable, fan spray, hollow cone, and jet stream nozzles. TeeJet compatible.

This product is obsolete.
Vendor Product Number: 425
UPC: 720343425000
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