Space-It Dripline 8Mil .4Gph 3000' 18" spacing #16523-000121

Item #5018318

Space-It Dripline
A labor-saving drip system for watering potted plants. Space-It is thinwall dripline with pre-spaced drippers designed to be placed directly over the top of pots with the location of each dripper visibly marked on the tubing. Positioning of pots (plants) is quick and easy-just place the pot under the mark on the dripline - saving up to 20% in installation labor costs.
Injection molded drippers welded into a wall of seamless tubing means the flow path is not subject to distortion during installation and the clear outlet hole allows water to exit right at the outlet.
With flexible dripper spacings, Space-It allows you to choose the spacing that matches your pot spacing to fit your needs.
*Wall thickness: 8 mm
*Inside diameter: .636"
*Nominal flow rates: .24 GPH and .38 GPH @ 10 PSI
*Common spacings: 12", 18" and 24"
*Other special spacing available by special order
*Recommended filtration: 120 mesh

Netafim's Flexible Dripper Spacing
Choose the dripper spacing according to your needs and maximize your growing area.

Vendor Product Number: 16424-000067
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