Streamline 8Mil .4Gph 9000' 18" Space #06SLF8636.4-18

Item #5018418

Streamline Plus Thinwall Dripline is the perfect choice for row crop growers planting short to medium sized runs. Available with variable dripper spacings, allowing growers to customize systems based on their application rates and wetting patterns and numerous wall thicknesses that can weather various environmental conditions. For surface or subsurface installations in practically any soil type.
Product Advantages:
*Seamless construction is stronger and more durable than comparable drip tape
*Fortifies against splitting or bursting under high pressures required for proper flushing
*Flap outlet protection impedes soil ingestion and root intrusion
*Low filtration requirement - 120 mesh
*Driplines packaged with more feet per reel, the industry’s longest, requiring fewer fittings and less time changing reels during installation

Vendor Product Number: 16424-000005
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