ICL 15-9-12 Osmocote Plus 8-9 Month 50lb 903266 NORTHERN

Item #67-1540

The Only Patterned Release Fertilizer
*3rd Generation - Patterned Release Fertilizer
*ICL Specialty Fertilizers Patterned Nutrient Release Technology delivers: - Pre-defined release patterns - Pre-defined longevity
*Coated N-P-K + magnesium and micronutrients; homogeneous
*Full season N-P-K, magnesium and micronutrients
Designed for general nursery and greenhouse production, special circumstances such as sensitive or high value crops, and dibbling equipment. Can be incorporated or surface applied. Get the best return on your fertilizer investment, safely, by matching the nutrient release patterns with plant needs for optimal quality.
*Recommended for use when growing a wide variety of crops or in combination with water soluble fertilizer for a steady source of nutrition throughout the season
*50 lb. bag

UPC: 848264000127