Enstar AQ 18.4% 1QT WELLMARK EPA# 2724-793

Item #70-1520

Active Ingredient: Kinoprene
Insect growth regulator for control of root mealybugs, soft and armored scale, whitefly, aphid, thrips and fungus gnat larvae. Root mealybugs are controlled by submersing the pot, fungus gnat larvae controlled by soil drench, all others controlled by foliar sprays. Recommended for use on ornamentals in greenhouses, shade houses and interiorscapes.
Foliar spray rates: 1-2 tsp per gal or 16-32 oz per 100 gal. Repeat every 14 days.
*Not registered in AK
*Not labeled for outdoor use
MOA = 7A
REI = 4

Vendor Product Number: 100502416
*Not registered in AK
*Not labeled for outdoor use
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