Pycana 89.5% 1GAL OMRI OHP EPA# 67702-53-59807

Vendor: OHP
Item #70-2655

Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins and Canola Oil
Natural pyrethrums plus botanical oil labeled for a wide variety of ornamentals and edible crops in greenhouses and nurseries. Labeled pests include: aphids, earwigs, leafhoppers, tent caterpillars, plant bugs, mealybugs, thrips, spider mites, sawfly larvae and more.
*Caution on blue evergreens, broad leaf evergreens and smoke tree.
*May burn open blooms.
Foliar spray rates: 1.25-2.5 oz per gal or 1-2 gal per 100 gal.
*OMRI listed
*Not registered in AZ, MA, OR, SD

Vendor Product Number: 986400
*OMRI listed
*Not registered in AZ, MA, OR, SD
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