Pageant Intrinsic 38% 12LB AGENCY BASF EPA# 7969-251

Item #71-26821

Active Ingredient: Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin
Broad spectrum fungicide combining two active ingredients for foliar and root diseases on ornamentals in greenhouses, interiorscapes, landscapes and nurseries. Foliar diseases include Alternaria, Botrytis, Cercospora, Colletotrichum, downy mildew, aerial Phytophthora, powdery mildew, rust and scab. Root and crown rots include Cylindrocladium, Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Sclerotinia. Plant health benefits include increased cold, heat and drought tolerance.
Foliar spray rates: 1/2-1 1/2 tsp per gal or 6-18 oz per 100 gal.
Drench rates: 1-11/2 tsp per gal or 12-18 oz per 100 gal.
*Do not use with organo-silicon surfactants such as CapSil.
*Restricted use pesticide in NY
*Nor registered in CA
MOA = 7/11
REI = 12

Vendor Product Number: 59012429
*Restricted use in NY
*Not regsitered in CA
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