Professional 88 Kasco Protective Helmet

Item #80-1535

Professional 88 Protective Helmets
Designed for use in greenhouses, orchard, and nurseries. A self-contained unit with batteries; twin fan unit and two filters built into the helmet. Nothing is worn around the waist. Batteries will last 4 hours and take 4 hours to fully recharge. Helmet and filters weigh 4.5 lbs. The helmet is made of tough fiberglass with a Lexan shatter and crack resistant visor. All components are the finest available.
All helmets are triple inspected at the factory and sealed and are covered by a 12 month limited warranty. Kasco has the right system to protect you against pesticides, dust or any other hazardous chemicals that you might encounter. Kasco helmets can also be utilized to increase worker contentment in atmospheres that are particularly odorous or irritating.

Do not use KASCO helmets with fumigants.
Do not use them in manure pits or silos or any atmosphere where oxygen may be less than 19.5%.

*This item is drop-ship only.

Vendor Product Number: #0313072
*This item is drop-ship only.
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