Sunblaster T5HO - Growlight Garden Micro White

Item #81740071

"Micro Grow Light Garden. Grow what you love, love what you grow -all year long. Full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate naturalsunlight for year round growing. Perfect for growing salads and herbsor for early season seed starting. Use also to boost flowering houseplants out of season. Features a high efficiency SunBlaster 11 Watthigh output light consuming 20% less power than a standard domesticlight bulb and giving 10,000 hours of use. NanoTech Reflectors reduceheat build up and maximize performance by reflecting 100% of thelight towards the plants. Supplied with 4 reusable tough growingtrays for easy succession planting. Includes raised platform insertand capillary matting allowing plants to self water for up to 7 days(subject to climate conditions). 1/4 Size complete home garden.Includes; One SunBlaster T5HO 12"" 11 Watt 6400K Grow Lamp andBallastOne SunBlaster 12"" NanoTech T5 Reflector - maximizingperformancePower Cord with on/off switch Garden Canopy - heightadjustable to 18"" Heavy Duty Base - serves as the reservoir for autowatering via the included wicking matRaised platform - for autowatering via the wicking matWicking mat for auto watering FourSeedling Trays - providing both auto watering capability and aerationin one great trayFootprint 18"" x 8"""

UPC: 628836161995