Sunblaster T5HO - Growlight Garden Black

Item #81740072

"The perfect kit for indoor salad or microgreen production! Thecompact size and shape of this unit is ideal for table or kitchencounter-top use. The sturdy recycled plastic base acts as a reservoirfor water. In this tray sits a stand covered by a sheet of absorbentcloth that draws water up and into the bottoms of the planted seedtrays by capillary action. Included are two SunBlaster 6400 KelvinT5HO fluorescent tubes and a curved reflective hood flood the growingarea in full spectrum light, while using 20% less electricity thantraditional lighting systems. Complete home garden. Includes; TwoSunBlaster T5HO 24"" 24 Watt 6400K Grow Lamps with BallastsTwoSunBlaster NanoTech T5 Reflectors - maximizing outputT Power Cord -interconnecting the two grow lampsGarden Canopy - height adjustableto 18"" Heavy Duty Base - serves as the reservoir for autowateringRaised platform - for auto watering via the wickingmatWicking mat for auto watering Four Seedling Trays - providingboth auto watering capability and aeration in one greattrayFootprint: 24"" x 16"""

UPC: 628836162008