Motorala Radio RDV5100 VHF 10 Channel/5 Watt

Item #83-6118

RDV5100 is for outdoor use.

The RDX series brings workplace noise to its knees by helping to ensure exceptional audio quality in the loudest environments. Designed for noisy areas, our radios are 30% louder than previous Motorola XTN and AX models as a result of new design enhancements. This business-essential radio provides the perfect partnership of excellent audio and exceptional durability.

The RDV5100 5 watt two-way radio operates on an innovative 27 business-exclusive VHF frequencies and is 2013 FCC Narrowband ready. The default factory programming on this RDX radio is set to operate in 12.5kHz mode. Enhanced audio quality, a rugged design and versatile customer programming software, make this radio an exceptional choice for all of your on-site business needs.

Radio features:
*Repeater capable
*Exceptionally clear audio: 2000mW audio output, speaker magnetic field reduction, wind-noise reduction
*Durable and water resistant: Meets Military 810 C,D,E,F and IP54/55 specifications
*Hands-free operation (VOX) with optional accessories

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