Pride AquaSav Smart Coco Liner fits 30" Window/Deck Planter 12/CS 10060

Item #P10060

The AquaSav Smart Coco Liner is designed to help you grow better, because it's engineered to be smarter than ordinary liners. Pride's unique liner starts with a layer of recycled plastic sandwiched between two layers of coco fiber-which is biodegradable, pest and fungi resistant, as well as backyard compostable. This plastic goes about one-third of the way up the liner (halfway up in some smaller baskets because they dry out more quickly) creating a water tray built right into the liner. Excess water flows over the edge of the water tray, allowing just the right amount of water to remain in the liner and giving the soil and roots time to absorb all the moisture. Because 2/3 of the liner is open, there is still natural air circulation around the plant's root system, promoting healthy growth. As the basket dries from the top down, water wicks its way through the basket, keeping the soil moist between waterings. This extends time between watering, and the basket never dries out. You'll have happy, healthy plants that last through the season, only watering about half as often.

Vendor Product Number: 10060
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