Myron AG-5 Conductivity Meter 0-5 MILLIMHOS

Item #33-4325

Myron L AG-5 and AG6/pH Agri-Meter are compact, lightweight, self-contained conductivity and conductivity/pH meters. They contain a built-in sample cell cup and in the case of the AG6/pH a replaceable pH sensor. Both Agri-Meters have dials calibrated in miliohms. The AG6/pH dial is also calibrated in pH units. It will quickly determine conductivity and pH of almost any solution. Both are 3.4"x 4.5"x 4" (85x129x126 mm) and weigh less than one pound (.45kg). Agri-Meters are completely self contained. pH and conductivity readings are automatically temperature compensated from 50ø-160øF (10ø to 71øC). They are powered by a 9 volt battery good for at least 2000 tests, or one year shelf life.
Accuracy: (Both Models)
Conductivity: +/- 2% of full; pH: +/- 0.2 pH units (AG6/pH only)
Repeatability: (Both Models) +/- 1%
Important: The pH sensor in your AG6/pH Agri-Meter has a limited life much like a battery. Sensor longevity is affected both by the types of solution tested and care given your meter. pH sensors are user replaceable.