Plantex 15-30-15 25lbs 10381 High Phosphate Starter

Item #31-140130

Plantex 15-30-15 is ideal for hydrangeas since the high phosphorus content ties up excess aluminum in the soil which causes a strong pink colouration in the blooms. Acid-loving plants such as african violets respond well to this formulation due to its high potential acidity. Use during the early stages of crop growth, when many greenhouse crops require extra phosphorus, particularly tomatoes and cucumbers grown in soil. Plantex 15-30-15 can be used to remedy phosphorus deficient soils.

Plantex 15-30-15 Starter fertilizer is recommended at the beginning of growth, as required by many greenhouse crops, in particular by tomatoes and cucumber grown in open ground. Plantex 15-30-15 fertilizer is also utilized to address a phosphorus deficiency in the soil.

*Hydrangeas (pink varieties): the phosphorus it contains in abundance immobilizes the excess of aluminum in the soil, which will give a beautiful red color to the inflorescences
*Acid loving plants such as African violets react well to this fertilizer due to its strong acidifying potential

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