ICL 12-7-18 Osmocote Bloom 2-3 Month 50LB E90100

Item #67-1010

This new product is specially formulated for greenhouse plants in smaller containers with a production time of 6-12 weeks.
Consistent delivery--
Osmocote Bloom features controlled release technology. The same reliable technology more growers have trusted for decades. Simply incorporate the patented, 100% coated prills into your growing media prior to planting. The pre-defined longevity of N-P-K and micronutrients assures your plants will consistently receive the nutrition they need for health growth all the way through to market.
Balanced nutrition--
This is a complete package of N-P-K, blended with magnesium and essential trace elements. The formulation ratios encourage faster and stronger root development and facilitates the growth of more compact, consistently sized plants, with excellent color and flowering.
*Specially formulated for plants grown in smaller containers with a production time of 6-12 weeks
*100% coated, containing N-P-K, magnesium and essential micronutrients
*Small prill size promotes even distribution of nutrition in the root zone

UPC: 848264000240