Amblyline cu A cucumeris mini sachet on sticks 2K/case

Item #SB0011-49

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Amblyline biological control agent contains the predatory mite Amblyseius cucumeris. It is a predator of Western Flower thrips, Chili Thrips and several other thrips species.

Key Features--
*Targets a wide range of thrips species
*Disperses quickly throughout the crop
*Applicable for use in a wide range of crops
*Amblyseius mites can also feed on pollen which allows for effective, long term control
*Mites are not susceptible to diapause

Target Pests--
*Thrips (Western Flower Thrips, Chili Thrips)
*Broad mite
*Cyclamen mite

Sachets on a Stick
*Propagation is one of the most critical times for pest management. Mini sachets on a stick are ideal for effective pest prevention and control at this time
*Labor savings versus weekly broadcast applications
*Water-resistant sticks do not take any plug space away
*Stick is round and small and can be used in any plug tray size
*Can be applied in propagation at sticking or seeding line
*Exit hole for mites is protected under waterproof

*Order by Monday 12pm ET for shipping the following Monday