Staphyline, Atheta coriaria, 3K 5 liter bag

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Staphyline biological control agent contains the predatory beetle, Atheta coriaria. It can be used in crops such as herbs and ornamentals to protect against soil and compost pests. It is a generalist feeder, but adults and young stages are particularly good at feeding on the larvae of fungus gnats (Bradysia spp, Lycoriella spp, and Sciara spp) and shoreflies (Scatella spp).

Key Features--
*Formulation contains mixed life stages - adults, larvae, pupae and eggs - for a balanced population
*Visible predator. Adults are mobile resulting in good dispersal and establishment.
*Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, humidity, light, irrigation and soil conditions, making them more suitable for year-round use in the greenhouse than other predators.

Target Pests--
*Fungus gnats
*Thrips pupae

Available delivery systems--
Staphlyline is supplied in 1L (1qt) cardboard tubes containing 500 predators. It is also available in bulk bags containing 3,000 predators.

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